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Currently, we don't have much to do as Raze 3 has not come out. The reason for setting up this wiki before the game is due to time factors. We don't have time to move all templates from Raze Two Wiki to here when the game starts, so we decided to do it before then. Note that since almost everything here is the same thing as Raze Two Wiki, having a good knowledge of templates made in Raze Two Wiki certainly helps

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Currently, we also do not have a List of Pages. Please add three navboxes to this page once the game is released, with Weapons, Armory and Levels being the main subject here.

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  • Raze One Wiki is a smaller wiki which was also set up by Raze Three Wiki's founder. The wiki strives to become the no.1 source for anything related to Raze 1, the game that started it all!
  • Raze Series Wiki is a smaller wiki whose goal is to document everything Raze-ish. Currently, it still needs more edits, so join up!
  • Raze Two Wiki is a big wiki that was founded by Raze Three Wiki's Founder. This wiki is the no.1 source of info for anything Raze 2.


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